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Help for commercial design-build project

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Help for your commercial design-build project

Construction Solutions-Midwest, LLC provides construction consulting, project development, and construction management services to Business Owners and Developers throughout the upper Midwest.

Our Owner/Project Partner Design Build approach takes each project from the concept phase, through design & permitting all the way through to the final completed building and everything thing else in between. Our high standards and commitment to excellence during every step of the construction process ensures a successful outcome for your.

Benefits of working with us

Enhanced communication

When conventionally-managed projects go over budget — and almost 70% of them do — it’s usually because of a communication disconnect between designers and contractors.  Our Owner/Project Partner Design Build approach prevents those communication  and budgeting conflicts.  We work in partnership with our clients toward a common goal: The biggest bang for the buck.

Unlike conventional project management, our approach has you, the owner, working hand-in-hand with the project team from the outset, as the design, budget, and construction methodologies all get planned simultaneously.  Our approach works, because it involves you in the process.  It gives you early and reliable information on which to base your project decisions that you do not get with other delivery methods.

Single source project delivery

We integrate the schedules of every consultant and subcontractor on the team, so that the owner has a single point of contact for  design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing.  This approach saves you from juggling communications from all directions, gives you greater flexibility and peace of mind.


Our approach provides you with one integrated entity which moves your project away from the “finger-pointing” that is too commonplace in conventional construction projects. It allows you, the owner, to look to one person with any questions or concerns.  The result: Changes get implemented quickly and seamlessly with minimized effect on project schedule.

Early project evaluation

Our approach to new projects is to invest significant time up front on review, analysis, and planning.  We develop a site plan, building design, and interior finish plan, lay the site out, and get all the subcontractors and deliveries scheduled before shovel hits the dirt.  We work with you to determine what methods and materials will maximize the project’s value.  We put together a budget, negotiating costs with all the benders, suppliers, and subcontractors to the best value for the owner’s investment.  We establish an overall completion date from the beginning, and we do everything we can to move the schedule along, making sure everyone is coordinated and knows how everything needs to happen together.  This means that when the construction begins, we can hit the ground running.

What can we do for you?

We’d love to talk with you about your vision for a new or remodeled convenience store, gas station, or car wash.

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Our process

Our Owner/Project Partner Design-build approach focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the process over the traditional design-bid-build environment. This does not shorten the time it takes to complete the individual tasks of creating construction documents (working drawings and specifications), acquiring building and other permits, or actually constructing the building. Instead, our approach strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping like fashion so that the process happens as quickly and smoothly as can be achieved and with as minimal stress to you as possible.


Initial evaluation

  • Market studies – market competition, projected gas volume, maximum capital investment to be profitable, branding, co-branding impact
  • Evaluate construction methods & types, wood frame, block, flat roof, pitched roof etc.


  • Building and site design, interior store design and layout
  • Coordinate all interior finishes and graphic designs
  • Project budgeting.& value engineering
  • Develop and show location of new convenience store and retail gasoline sales island, diesel island, new car wash building.
  • Develop and show new elevations for car wash and convenience store.
  • Site design to include traffic flow review, fuel tanker traffic flow into, through and out of the site.
  • Car wash traffic flow (enter-exit) and queuing/stacking for customers waiting to enter the car wash
  • Review Site Plan including landscaping plan prior to submittal to the Municipality.


  • Assist in obtaining Municipal zoning and building plan approvals
  • Arrange for all the utility providers to supply the new facility ie: electric, gas, water & sewer, telephone etc.
  • Obtain appropriate building permits Review Plot plan illustrating the configuration, size and location of the building on the site including proposed parking facilities ,utility hook up, water drainage, and other pertinent site details.

Negotiation, coordination & scheduling

  • Review floor plan or plans and elevations in detail indicating room layouts, doors, windows and other pertinent construction notes detailing exterior and interior finish surfaces of the building.
  • Provide a written scope of work in sufficient form and detail to enable Contractor to obtain bids and proposals.
  • Coordinate with other vendors and equipment suppliers.
  • Provide room and door & Hardware schedules.
  • Construction Management & Contract Management
  • Obtain bid proposal on a trades and material suppliers (using as many in trade market companies as possible)
  • Schedule, coordinate and supervise all trade contractors, material & equipment suppliers.
  • Supervise construction work and quality assurance. Coordinate with the Owner to set up construction schedule and equipment and material staging for the project.
  • Coordinate, negotiate, schedule, and administer all sub contractors and vendors as an agent for the Owner.
  • Review all sub-contracts and equipment purchases with the Owner and make recommendations to the Owner regarding same.

Construction management & oversight

  • Provide on site supervision as work progresses to attempt to minimize the impact on current operations and to inspect all sub-contractors work product for compliance with specifications and quality control.
  • Coordinate and facilitate & prepare monthly progress payment draw requests on a per-cent of completion basis and submit to Owner for review and approval.
  • Facilitate weekly job site meetings with all sub-contractors.
  • Meet with Owner weekly to provide schedule update, information on recommended modifications or issues that need Owner action or otherwise affect the project.

Project Closeout

  • Assemble all sub-contractor and vendor warranty and O & M manuals and present to Owner.
  • Coordinate all final contract payments, project close out and detail follow up.