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Milton Mobil McDonald’s addition
When the owner of the Milton Mobil asked us to add a McDonald’s restaurant (with a drive-through) to his convenience store, it seemed like a pretty straightforward request.  When he mentioned that he wanted to put a free-standing single-bay car wash on the site as well — and that he wanted to keep his store and gas pumps open during the entire project — things got very interesting. Our biggest challenge:  To fit everything the owner wanted on his existing site.  There was already a convenience store there.  The new McDonald’s addition would need 50 parking spaces, and its drive-through needed a queuing lane that would take traffic around the convenience store building.  The car wash would need a separate queuing lane, but set-back requirements prohibited us from designing a second lane around the c-store building. We solved our design dilemma by planning an additional entrance at the edge of the property and situating the car wash building there.  This separate entrance would be U-shaped and used strictly for car wash traffic.  With the site parking and traffic pattern issue resolved we were able to proceed with the design and construction of the car wash building and the McDonald’s addition. As always, we worked with the McDonald’s regional project manager to ensure that their standards for the kitchen and dining area were met, and that the finish upgrades they specified were installed. We devised a site control plan for the tradesmen parking, material staging, fuel deliveries and store product deliveries.  The plan we developed was presented to all affected parties who all bought into it and helped make it work flawlessly.  We designed and built:

  • Two separate queuing lanes
  • Total remodel of existing convenience store
  • New McDonalds restaurant
  • Free-standing single-bay car-wash

And we did it all without having to close the convenience store and gas pumps, not even when the McDonald’s entrance into the c-store was opened up.

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