Express Auto Spa

A complete makeover from the inside out

This Express Auto Spa in Waukesha, WI, is one of the most dramatic total renovations that we have ever taken on: A thirty-year-old tunnel car wash that needed major work to be brought into the 21st century.

Demolition and reconstruction were out of the question. The city’s updated zoning ordinances and set-back requirements would not have allowed the building to be rebuilt as close to the street as the current building was, and there wasn’t enough room on the site to for a larger set-back. Our only viable option was to gut the existing building and rebuild it from the inside out.

We tore out the existing interior walls, the concrete floor, and removed all of the old electrical, plumbing, and car wash equipment. We replaced it with all new state of art conveyor car wash equipment.   We lined the interior of the tunnel walls with PVC liner panel designed to stand up to the harsh car wash environment, giving it a long-lasting durable finish and making the interior of the car wash tunnel look BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW!  Part of the east end of the building was removed and new space was created for a detailing area.

We took off the roof and replaced it with a new Duro-last roof, and new windows were cut into the existing street side exterior wall. We stripped the exterior walls to the concrete block sub-strait and resurfaced it with EFIS (synthetic stucco). We added decorative awnings and a 3í high cut-stone wainscotting for additional accent design.  A new landscaping package was designed and installed to further enhance the curb appeal of the project.

A canopy was installed over the Auto Teller area to provide protection from the weather and sun glare while customers are making their car wash purchase option selections.

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