Gateway to the City

Dennis Mobil

Dennis Mobil has occupied this site for over 53 years.  When the owners Dennis & Judy Treiglaff and their daughter Paula Treiglaff-Brown decided to completely raze and rebuild the site they called Construction Solutions-Midwest, LLC.  

We designed and built:

  • Six multiple product dispensers (gas station islands)
  • A 100-ft long tunnel car wash
  • A 4,000 square foot convenience store
  • A a 900 square foot 2nd floor.

The City of Brookfield designated this site as a “Gateway to the City,” so the exterior finishes needed to be outstanding.  We chose cut-stone veneer for the store, car wash, the canopy columns.  Synthetic stucco (EFIS) was used on the upper portions of the store to provide a level of finish that met the city’s standards for excellence. 

Its graphics package and the main store open two story atrium design make the interior of the store unique.  The graphic included a distinctive coffee island arch element.  The arch theme was carried out at the food island near the coolers and again at the deli area.  The history of the site was portrayed by using photos of key points in the sites history which are displayed in the atrium area.

All the interior finishes used speak to the owners’  commitment to providing their customers with a pleasant shopping experience.  The faux finish wall painting, porcelain tile on the store floor, porcelain wall tile at the back counter of the deli area, and full height ceramic tile in the restroom all say quality.

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