About Construction Solutions Midwest LLC

Construction Consulting, Project Development, and Construction Management

About Construction Solutions Midwest LLC

Construction consulting, project development, and construction management

Construction Solutions Midwest helps business owners build or renovate their convenience stores, gas stations, and car washes throughout the upper Midwest.  Clients hire us to recommend the best course of action for site selection, budgeting, engineering, project design, obtaining permits, contractor selection, project management, equipment installation, and more.  We take on the role of developer, general contractor, construction manager for them, streamlining the building process by integrating design, the permitting process, and construction schedules and managing them simultaneously — more efficiently and smoothly than if an owner tried to take everything on by himself or called in a contractor who isn’t experienced with these types of projects.

We design and construct new facilities on new sites.  We update exisiting facilities to make them like new.  When projects call for demolition and rebuilding, we help our clients all the way through the process.  With every job, we bring over 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and developing commercial real estate and commercial construction projects including a vast array of retail, office, hotel, restaurant, convenience store, gas station, car wash and other specialty use projects.

Our philosophy


The cornerstone of every successful project is a strong, long term, lasting  relationship with our clients.  We mean it.  If we haven’t established a strong partnership at the outset, with effective communication and realistic expectations, the project will struggle and likely stumble.  So we approach each and every project as a partnership with the business owner.  We diligently work to build trust by providing a “what is best for our customer” approach to our business.  Our professional and detail-oriented service is designed to help guide our customers to make good, sound, cost-effective ways to develop or redevelop their sites by providing the information necessary to facilitate these decisions.

Efficient and effective

We take each project from the concept phase, through design and permitting, all the way through to the final completed building and everything thing else in between.  And we take pride in integrating all the aspects of the work more efficiently than most other contractors.  We develop a site plan, building design, and interior finish plan, lay the site out, and get all the subcontractors and deliveries scheduled before shovel hits the dirt.  We put together a budget, negotiating costs with all the venders, suppliers, and subcontractors to the best value for the owner’s investment.  We establish an overall completion date from the beginning, and we do everything we can to move the schedule along, making sure everyone is coordinated and knows how everything needs to happen together.  We actively manage the schedule on a daily basis.  We manage the work, rather than the work managing us.  Our high standards and commitment to excellence during every step of the construction process ensures a successful outcome the client.


Our Owner/Project Partner Design Build philosophy is one of dedication to producing results that go beyond simply meeting the client’s needs.  We strive to exceed expectations.  It’s a one-on-one personal approach which gives the client a single point of contact   throughout the project — from design through construction and the opening of the new facility.  Nobody gets shuffled off to an assistant or junior project manager.  The client always knows who to call for straight answers.  This method minimizes miscommunications and dropped details and makes for a much better end results.

Who we are

CSM’s founder Art Sandridge has been working in the design-build industry for over 25 years as a contractor and consultant.  During that time, he has helped construction company owners, specialty retail businesses, property owners and real estate developers complete their projects effectively and efficiently.

Working with Construction Solutions-Midwest, LLC Means:

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Early awareness of project costs
  • Exceptional quality
  • Efficiencies in time and productivity
  • Lower overall costs
  • Freedom from administrative burden
  • Improved risk management
  • Accelerated building occupation


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