You have made the decision to move ahead with a new project. A brand new site on a piece of raw ground, redevelop an existing building site which will likely involve some demolition or an addition onto you existing facility. Here are the 7 steps you need to follow to have a successful outcome.


The first step to take to have a successful project is to determine how much capital investment does the site/market justify?

The Market/Feasibility study is going to study the

  • site dynamics ( including site access, demographic make up of the area)
  • other types of commercial developments
  • Competition in the area competing for market share
  • What revenue streams are available to you at this site
  • Profit/Cash Flow Projections
  • Determination of Budget limitations for the site

Preliminary Site analysis

  • Is the site adequately sized
  • Does the zoning and fire code allow the use
  • Are there any unique building codes associated with the location
  • Cost and availability for utilities to serve the site

Step 2 – Design

What should it look like to meet/exceed the market standard?

  • Site layout & design
  • Type of construction
  • Interior layout
  • Exterior look and aesthetics
  • Landscaping requirements

Step 3 – Approvals

Who needs to approve the business development?

  • Municipality (Planning Commission, City Council, Design Commission, Landmarks Commission, Engineering)
  • Fire Department
  • County
  • State
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Health Department

Step 4 – Finance

How do I borrow the money? Who will need to be involved?

  • Banker
  • Account
  • Construction Manager/Designer
  • Appraiser (Bank Ordered)

Step 5 – Final Design/Permits

  • Detailed site development and plot plan
  • Floor plans and schedules
  • Final elevations and Architectural details
  • Structural plans
  • MEP’s (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)
  • Landscaping plan
  • Building plan permit submittal
  • Obtain building permit approval

Step 6 – Build it

  • Construction Manager
  • Sub-Contractors & Vendors
  • Testing ( soil, concrete)
  • Inspections
  • Final occupancy inspection
  • Start up and opening

Step 7 –Post Construction

  • Project closeout
  • Owners manual and warranties
  • Post construction consultation by Construction Manager
  • Evaluation and Recommendations